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VA Home Loans


"Of the 23 Million qualified service members and veterans, only 2.1 Million are utilizing their VA mortgage benefit"

I am a VA Certified Real Estate Agent and I want to help you access this incredible VA HOME BUYING benefit

VA Loans
Apart from your military service history, VA loan requirements are not drastically different than traditional lending options. I work with all Veterans looking to certify their VA-loan eligibility. Once we’ve knocked out the most basic VA loan requirement, you’re instantly privy to incredible benefits. Take a look at some of the basic VA loan requirements, and the great benefits awaiting your application

Certificate of Eligibility - COE
More commonly referred to as a COE, your Certificate of Eligibility is critical to the advance of your VA home loan application process. This document is verification from the Department of Defense that your service history confirms that you are eligible to receive VA home loan benefits. The COE grants you access to other VA benefits beyond mortgage loans, but is extremely helpful in allowing your lender to proceed with your application. Even better, the proof of eligibility puts you on the right track to potentially save thousands on your VA home loan when compared to non-VA home loan products.


What are some Other VA Requirements
As with any traditional mortgage product, VA home loans require basic financial input from you. Your lender will go into detail on your income, employment history, credit history and any potential assets you bring to your new VA purchase loan. Not to fret, these financial VA loan requirements are the same for non-VA applicants too.

Will I be Required to put a Down Payment on My New Home
One benefit of the VA home loan is that it is a federal guaranty program. This means the loan is insured by this federal government-backed program, as opposed to a private mortgage insurance (PMI) plan. This allows you the freedom to not put any down payments when you close on your new VA home loan. This does not mean you’re not allowed to put some money down at signing; doing so will lower the principle loan balance and your monthly payments. Your lender will be able to help weigh your down payment options, and help you decide what is best for your unique VA home loan needs.

Is there PMI on my VA Loan?
The federal guaranty provided by the VA home loan program eliminates the requirement for VA home loan applicants to purchase additional Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Traditional loans have the option to roll the cost of PMI into the loan balance, but VA loans don’t require PMI at all. There are enough costs associated with purchasing a home and financing a loan – adding an extra insurance payment on top of it just doesn’t add up.

Loan Limits on VA Loans
In most parts of the country, veterans who qualify for the VA Loan can purchase a home worth up to $484,500 without putting any money down: borrowers in high-cost counties may be able to purchase homes far exceeding that amount without a down payment. With a MINIMAL required minimum down payment, my lenders have approved VA loans above county limits in excess of $1.5 million. To find out the VA Loan Limit in your area, reach out to me today!

Get in Touch with me Today
Get started on your VA home loan journey, please contact me today for a referral to a highly qualified VA lender who specializes in the unique lending needs of qualified Service members, Veterans and their families. The government generally does not make direct loans to veterans. Private lenders finance the loan while the Department of Veterans Affairs offers a guaranty. This guaranty provides incentive for private lenders to offer loans with better terms.



See all Homes for Sale as they come on the Market 24/7 -
Create a Consumer Portal on FlexMLS 
by TonyaThurbush 


Welcome to your Customer Portal. The Portal is a personalized webpage to help you keep track of listings. Use the menu to keep track of you News Feed, Listing Collections, Searches, Emailed Listings, and more. 

Your News Feed contains all of the new and updated listings you’ve received from Subscription notifications in one convenient place.
If you have a subscription (which automatically sends you new listings), the News Feed contains 200 of the most recent listings you’ve received.
  • The number next to your News Feed indicates the number of new listings for you to look at.
  • Unviewed listings are in white, while viewed listings are slightly greyed out.
  • Save your favorite listings by clicking the star icon.
  • These listings will appear in your Saved collection.
  • Listings that you remove (using the No icon) are removed from your searches and News Feed, but can still be seen in the Hidden by Me listing collection.
  • Additionally, listings your agent recommends or removes can be found in the Recommended and Hidden by Agent collections. 
  • Click on a saved search to view all of the listings that meet that search criteria.

Viewing Listings To look at listings, click any category from the menu category. The listings in that category will appear on the main part of the screen, organized by tabs. Click on the tabs to look at different information about the listings. Regardless of which tab you are on, use the blue Actions button on the highlighted listing to share, print, request a showing, make listing notes, or contact your agent about the listing. Use the View Checked option to view only listings you have selected by clicking the check box on the listing.

List tab – this tab shows all of the listings in a group. Compare listings easily here. Click on the Star icon to mark a listing as a favorite. Your starred listings will appear in your Saved collection. Click the No icon to hide a listing and remove it from you News Feed and Searches. Listings that your agent has recommended will have a highlighted briefcase icon next to them.

Detail tab – here, you’ll see a more detailed listing report. If you’d like, you can also use the Mortgage Calculator on the Detail tab.

Photos tab – look at all of the photos for a listing here. Click on the arrows to navigate through the photos. You can use the arrow buttons on the screen, or the arrow keys on your keyboard. The double arrow button in the bottom left corner will launch a full screen photo slideshow.

Map tab – plot the listings on a map here. You can move the map around and zoom in to get a better look. Click on the Driving Directions link to open the location in Google maps where you can get detailed driving directions.

Messages tab – here, send you agent messages about properties. I’ll respond, and our conversations about individual listings will be visible on the Messages tab, or you can look at all of our conversations on the Dashboard.

**Click your agent’s name to see their contact information.

**Click on the My Account link to access your portal Dashboard of E-mail Settings. The Dashboard contains four sections: the Searches and Reports panel contains links to your news feed, searches, emailed listings, and reports; the Collections panel contains your recommended, saved, and hidden listings as well as custom listing collections; the Messages panel contains all of the messages you have sent to and received from your agent; and the Profile panel allows you to update your contact information.

Save Energy in the Summer


Use this Checklist to See on Ways You can Save on
Your Energy Cost!

  • Run appliances in early morning before 9am and in the evening after 6pm
  • Use your clothes washer and dryer only for full loads
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Clean the lint trap before every load
  • Don’t over-dry clothes
  • Turn off lights and unplug idle chargers for cellphones and other electronic devices when not in use
  • Use a power strip as a central turnoff point when you are done using equipment
  • Replace the bulbs in your five most frequently used light fixtures with ENERGY STAR qualified LED light bulbs
  • Set your thermostat at 68° to 70° in the winter and 78° to 80° in the summer unless medically advised otherwise
  • Install a smart thermostat to properly set and maintain your household’s temperature while you’re away
  • Replace or clean the air filters for your heating or cooling system monthly
  • Keep doors and windows closed when operating your heater or air conditioner
  • Set your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise (to blow air down) in the summer to create a cooling breeze and clockwise (to circulate warm air down) in the winter
  • Ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. Turn off the ceiling fan when no one is in the room
  • In the summer, close curtains and blinds during the day to help keep out the sunlight and heat
  • In the winter, open window coverings during the day to let in heat from the sun. Close window coverings at night to keep in heat
  • Avoid using portable heaters, which use more energy and may become a fire hazard
  • Install weather stripping around doors and windows to keep cool air inside during the summer and warm air inside during the winter

Smart Home Buyers


Property Purchase Analysis

By the time my buyer has found the house they want to make an offer on, they have been inundated with information on many homes and many areas. Their initial desire to write the offer is based on weeks and sometimes months of house hunting.

Before I put write that offer I need to help the buyer assess what they want to buy. I use CMA's for sellers so why should it be any different for a buyer?

Doesn't a buyer need this kind of detailed information to study and assess the home the want to buy before they make an offer on the home? Absolutely they do! Buyers need to see the past performing history of their home and the neighborhood it is in.

An in-depth Property Purchase Analysis is a detailed look at the area in which the property is located and the surrounding properties. It shows how the homes in the neighborhood have appreciated and it shows how the neighborhood has appreciated to nearby neighborhoods. This information is critical to the buyer because they can see how the property has performed from a real estate investment perspective. All real estate, even a primary residence is an investment.

The PPA is a very important tool because it helps my buyer see the true potential and value of the home they are buying. It can help them decide whether to accept any counter the seller may make because they know the value of home of the home they are purchasing, what it is worth. By knowing what is in the PPA the buyer can assess whether paying a little more for the property now will be recouped later based on the properties PPA history. It can also help a buyer come in with a better offer if the PPA is favorable. The PPA is a comparative analysis of the area, the style of home and the homes amenities, among other crucial factors. It is a great tool for showing value.

In the event the buyer is looking at 2 different homes and they like both of them, but are having a hard time deciding, the PPA is an invaluable tool. It can show the buyer which home has appreciated more over the past 5 years and which area seems to be a stronger investment. If the buyer likes both properties equally, this will help the buyer make an informed decision.

What is around Eastmark?


Eastmark Community

Shopping & Dining
  • Sprouts – 5 Miles
  • Fry’s – 2 Miles
  • Albertsons – 5 Miles
  • Safeway – 5 Miles
  • Bashas – 5 Miles
  • Shoppes at Augusta Ranch – 5 Miles
  • Superstition Gateway East – 5 Miles
  • Superstition Springs Mall – 8 Miles
  • San Tan Village Mall – 9 Miles
  • Gilbert Gateway Towne Center – 3 Miles
  • Queen Creek Marketplace – 5 Miles
  • Olive Mill – 9 Miles
  • Harkins Theaters 14 Queen Creek Marketplace – 5 Miles
  • Imax Theater Signal Butte – 4 Miles
Fire Departments
  • Mesa Fire Station 212 – 3.4 Miles
  • Mesa Fire Station 215 – 5 Miles
  • Mesa Fire Station 219 – 3.5 Miles
  • Basis Mesa – Located within Eastmark
  • Sequoia Pathfinder – Located within Eastmark
  • Queen Creek Polytechnic Academy – 1 Mile
  • The Learning Experience Preschool – Opening 2017
  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College Williams Campus – 4.5 Miles
  • ASU Polytechnic (Middle/High School) – 5 Miles
  • Desert Ridge High School – 4.5Miles
  • Queen Creek Middle School – 4.6 Miles
  • Queen Creek High School – 6.9 Miles
  • Jack Barnes Elementary School – 5.2 Miles
  • Higley High School – 6.7 Miles
  • Heritage Academy – 5.5 Miles
  • American Leadership Academy (Elementary) – 2.1 Miles
  • American Leadership Academy (High School) – 8.6 Miles
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – Located within Eastmark (opening 2017)
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – 4 Miles
  • St. George Catholic Community – 10 Miles
  • Velda Rose United – 10 Miles
  • Sun Valley Church of Christ – 7 Miles
  • Temple Beth Shalom – 12 Miles
  • Sun Valley Community Church– East Mesa – 2.5 Miles
  • Spring Hope Church – 6 Miles
  • Mission Church – 6.4 Miles
  • Central Christian – 12.3 Miles
Parks / Recreation
  • Canyon Lake – 27 Miles
  • San Tan Mountain Regional Park – 16 Miles
  • Superstition Mountains – 15 Miles
  • Saguaro Lake – 25 Miles
  • Schnepf Farms – 9 Miles
  • Barney Sports Complex – 6.8 Miles
Post Office
  • US Post Office – 5 Miles
  • UPS Store – 4 Miles
Golf Courses
  • Augusta Ranch – 4.8 Miles
  • Superstition Springs – 7 Miles
  • Desert Sands – 10 Miles
  • Toka Sticks – 5.8 Miles
  • Trilogy – 8 Miles
  • The Links – 10.5 Miles
  • Queen Creek Mesa Library – 5 Miles
  • Mesa Library – 9.4 Miles (Power Rd)
  • Phoenix Mesa Gateway – 4.3 Miles
  • Sky Harbor Airport – 29 Miles



Eastmark has become one of East Mesa's Most Sought after Planned Communities!

I will help you purchase your home here!
If you are looking at selling your home in Eastmark, please contact me today!

So far seven home builders who have contributed to the development of the community’s first phase;
Maracay Homes, Mattamy Homes, Meritage Homes,
Standard Pacific Homes, Taylor Morrison Homes, Ryland Homes and Woodside Homes. 

Eastmark has excellent schools, The Handlebar Diner, Steadfast Farms, Leadership Programs, Clubs, Programs, Events, Traditions, Economic Development, Apple Operation Center and More! 

Eastmark boasts over 40 (and growing!) neighborhood parks.  Each offers something unique to the surrounding homes. Some provide interactive play structures while others feature relaxing gardens, shady groves and fire pits. All are ideal for visiting on foot or by pedal on an Eastmark Cruiser.

OPEN HOUSE 10am-1pm Wednesday 9625 E Navajo Pl Sun Lakes AZ 85248

Please come join us tomorrow in Sun Lakes! So many outstanding fun recreational activities!

Purchasing Bank owned, REO and Auction Homes


How to purchase a real-estate owned (Bank owned, REO and Auction) homes are a must know if you are an investor or going to flip. Bank owned homes are sold directly from the lender after the foreclosure process is complete, and while you may save quite a bit of money by choosing to go for this type of home, it is not without trials and tribulations. The process of purchasing a home directly from a lender can be long and arduous, but could very well be worth it in the end.
If you have your sights on a particular home or are looking to find a deal on your first, working directly with the lender may be your only option. Purchasing a bank owned home is not for the faint of heart, here are some tips for negotiating the REO process:

1. Be prepared: The condition of bank owned properties is usually poor and hard to show. Past owners may have left angry and left the home in bad condition with foul smells, missing appliances, wires taken from breakers, gas fireplaces gone, even bathrooms without toilets and sinks.

2. Understand the costs: Maintenance or repairs may be necessary, since these homes have been vacant for an unknown period of time–sometimes months or years. Keep in mind, when they were occupied the owners could have been under a financial hardship, preventing them from doing regular seasonal care or repairs when needed. Remember as well that the bank is trying to sell the house immediately, so you will receive a financial break in the price rather than a willingness to negotiate on the maintenance and repair issues.

3. Accept the unknown: In traditional real estate transactions, homeowners fill out a Seller Disclosure Form regarding important information about the history of the house. A bank owned home is either exempt or marked with “I don’t know” throughout the document. Not having the accuracy of this disclosure form could leave you with a lot of unanswered questions on the history of the home.

4. Know what is non-negotiable: The pricing on the house may not get much lower. Some of these properties can be “a dream come true” if you get them at an amazing price, or they do not have many major unknown issues when you dig into them for remodels or repairs, or they could be your worst nightmare. Do your due diligence researching any property, and conduct all necessary inspections to safeguard yourself. Some major repairs may be negotiable, but will likely not reduce the home price.

5. Make a clean offer: The higher the price you can offer, the better. Include your earnest money, keep all contingencies to a minimum, and suggest a reasonable closing date. The simpler your offer is, the higher chance you have of the bank accepting your offer or countering in a reasonable time period.

6. Be patient: Consult with a professional, like myself who has successfully closed many bank owned home purchases to help you negotiate. The process of purchasing a bank owned, REO, foreclosure, and Auction home are typically longer than a typical real estate sale. Short sale homes are even longer. 

Feel free to call me directly at (480) 330-3872 or (425) 239-7715 or email me at tonya.thurbush@bhhsaz.com or tonyathurbush@gmail.com

Tonya Thurbush is a Broker at Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Arizona Property. She has a total of 28 years combined Residential Real Estate and Worldwide Luxury Resort experience.

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